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What ratings aren't telling you in customer satisfaction surveys

Why are people concerned with what rating scale to use for customer satisfaction surveys and customer loyalty measurement? Sometimes I think we spend too much time on some decisions and not enough time on others.

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Restaurants + Twitter = Customer satisfaction measurement ?

More and more restaurants are adopting Twitter to engage with customers for a new source of customer satisfaction measurement.  By utilizing Twitter restaurants can offer special deals to their followers and also counteract poor experiences with almost immediate responses.  We're not talking only mom and pop restaurants here but large chains like Chipotle too. As another industry jumps on board the Twitter bandwagon, are you questioning if you should be on Twitter to help with improving customer service?

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Customer Effort Score or Net Promoter Score?


Do you ever wonder which metric is best for your organization? Are you contemplating if you should focus on increasing promoters or should you focus on reducing customer effort? Many of you want to know which metric is better.

The good news is NPS and CES are NOT mutually exclusive.  In fact, the two metrics can complement each other because they measure different customers experiences.

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Best of 2017

End of another great year for SERVICE 800’s family and friends. Thank you for reading our blog posts and continuing to learn about CX trends, CX metrics and changing customer behaviors. 2017 was truly a year of growing forward and we couldn’t have done it without your support. Let’s take a walk on the memory lane and refresh our memory on the best 2017 CX blog posts.

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4 signs you don't need help improving customer service

Lets face it, people already think customer service is a money pit, a vacuum that provides no return on investment.  In a time where the economy is forcing companies to make hard decisions on budgets, why not cut from the budget devoted to improving customer service and its ability to measure customer satisfaction? 

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3 Elements to consider when designing a CX survey

Nowadays consumers are at the center of every business decision. With continuously changing customer needs, it is critical for businesses to measure customer experiences. There are many things to consider before implementing a customer experience measurement program. Choosing the right data collection method is one of the integral part of a CX program. Here’s why.    

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Do comments online contain "hidden" real time customer feedback?

According to Forrester there are over 500 Billion, with a B, product opinion comments made each year.  If you break that down to an average across those with access to the internet it ends up being about 250 comments per person or 100,000 comments a minute.  But is there real time customer feedback hidden in those comments? Or does it just prove that there are some people out there with nothing better to do that make comments online?


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4 ways to pull yourself out of the customer loyalty hole you've dug!

Can you believe that the Holidays are already here?  We've already survived the chaos that is Black Friday and while some of us are smiling following another successful customer stampede, others are left guessing what went wrong.  Are the Holidays making your balance sheets smile or are you trying to figure out where you went wrong?

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Your Benchmarking Scores: "The Chocolate Chip Phenomenon"

To efficiently compare your company's performance against others’ (benchmarking) you need to decide against whom should you be compared.Following is what is known as “The Chocolate Chip Phenomenon” often described by Jean Mork Bredeson, President, SERVICE 800.

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Measuring customer satisfaction made easy... really easy.


The question now is, can you handle the truth?

Measuring customer satisfaction can be a very daunting task whether you have 20 customers or 200,000.  It is easy to over complicate strategies to find out what your customers really think about you, spending hours strategising how to conduct the study, how many people to ask, and even what to ask. At the end of the day there is only one rule that you should follow when exploring measuring customer satisfaction, start simple and just ask!

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